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OFFER FOR 8000 bph Beer filler/crowner 

1.    TECHNICAL DATA 1.1  Output data 

Nominal capacity: 8.000 bph
(for 0,5 l bottles)
Product: beer
Filling temperature: 5°C
CO2-content: 5,5 g/l1.2  Quality characteristics

CO2-consumption 350 g/hl at double pre-evacuation
O2 - increase

during filling process with
CO2 -pre-stressing < 0,05 mg/l at double pre-evacuation
(measured without air in bottle neck area)

 1.3  Assortments

Bottles 0,5 l glass-bottles
Max. bottle-Æ 93 mm
Max. bottle height 340 mm
Type of closure: Crown cork       Offer is subject to final examination of samples

·     Bottles

·     Closures



2.1         1   Filler/ crowner, type VARIFILL 32/KK 8/ ....-113basic machine, monobloc, with:

     32 filling valves, inside filler bowl

     crown-corker with 8 crowning tools

     prepaired for second sealer turret (screw-caps)

     for processing of 0,5 l glass- bottles

     simple, clear machine construction with small maintenance requirements

     solid, robust basic rack with square hollow profiles and stiffening ribs
below high-grade steel tabletop

     optimal rotor positioning on ball rotary combination, whose
diameter corresponds to the pitch diameter of the filling machineFilling Valves:

·         filling valves, fitted inside filler bowl, without filling tube, optimised
technologically in liquid flow and capacity

·         outside/externally positioned centring bell with pre-centring of bottles
within filler infeed star

·         centring bell insert easily

·         dismantable; Pre-evacuation - as well as snifting valves with
plug connection, disassembly / disconnection facilitated

·         vent tubes also with plug connection (no threads) - not adjustable in
filling level - to be easily fixed and dismantled

·         short pre-evacuation pipe (vacuum pipe) between vacuum chamber
and filling valves, thus ensuring high vacuum also within the bottle,
and consequently lowest O2 (oxygen) pick-up (absorption) during filling
processBeverage handling

·         smooth product infeed from below as well as product distribution
to bottom of filler bowl by largely dimensioned pipe system

·         product level regulation within filler bowl by capacitive probe,
permitting stepless adjustable level control, which is guarantying
an optimised product handling during bottling process

·         the level regulation can be adjusted by SPS - display-menue, as
well as the changing - over from product flow regulator, installed
in the product infeed pipe to filler bowl, to CO2-counter pressure
control for filler bowlVaccum device

·         water cooled vacuum pump and vaccum pipe, suitable for
double pre-evacuation in case of filling beer
Operating and process control

·         check by SIEMENS SPS, type S 7

·         as well as display with various menue-programms for the control
of technological bottling process

·         including entire process check with exact default indicator, by showing exact
default out of more than 50 default possibilitiesCleaning

·         machine for automatic CIP-program

·         automatic CIP-program with to be mounted cleaning bells under
inclusion of CO2 back pressure system and vacuum device

·         cleaning and desinfection by steam up to 120 °C is possibleCrowner

·       Crowner, consisting of:
-    8 crowning unit carrier (rustproof material)
-    cam carrier
-    sorting unit (casing, sorting disc with support, drive shaft, funnel)
-    duct with duct carrier
-    vertical adjustment

·       cleanable crowning heads

·       "no bottle-no crown caps" deviceother:

     frequency controlled main drive

     switching and control cabinet, compl. Wired

     armature cabinet with control valves, manometer, chokes and
shut-off valves

     automatic speed regulation

     automatic control of bottle infeed and discharge conveyors

     splinter-protection sheets between filing valves

     manual height adjustment for filler and crownerincl.:

·         1 set of quick change cleaning cups for closed circuit

·         1 set bottle guide parts for 0,5 l glass-bottles and 1 set back-air-pipes

·         rail to the around driving the crowner

·         separate switch board made of stainless steel

·         control type Siemens S 7

·         operator panel with touch-screen

·         1 set of special tools

·         Temperature display on operator panel

·         automatic starting program for beverage inlet

·         Bottle counter

·         High pressure fobbing device

·         Control flow valve

·         automatic splinter spraying device

·         Spraying device for closed bottles

·         Flushing for closing unit

·         Spraying for table

·         1 motor driven height adjustment for filler bowl        

·         1 motor driven height adjustment for sealer

·         TELE-LINK Network  
via telephone system for indication of failures or
changes of PLC-systems
- compatibility with all programming tools of the respective PLC manufacturer
- ONLINE with the PLC at the customer in a few seconds
- installation in machine switch cabinet
- configuration of devices
- preparation of modules for communication with TELELINK
operator instruction for:
- failure indication (samples)
  for control of contactors measurement probe,
  control valve, pressure changer, stop-star,
  crowner control, back-pressure
changing adjustment as:
- no. of spaying cycles on filler
- prerun on sorting device crowner
- additional splinter spraying cycles control connection to other machines
to provide by customer:
- feeding of telephone cable to filler switch cabinet installation of a
  TAE-socket with N- and F- contact
  N - contact - connection to TELELINK (direct connection)
  F - contact - telephone, for communication of operator to the seller


SPECIAL PRICE                                                             £                  199.000


* We need for other bottles with a diameter more than 3 mm a extra set of
  bottle guide parts (extra price). The control of back air pipes is necessary.
Technical data: (approx. reserved information, changes)



Capacity:                                                                        10.000 bph
                                                                                        (for 0,5 l bottles)

Machine pitch:                                                                113 mm

Pitch circle filler:                                                             1152 mm

Pitch circle crowner:                                                      288 mm

Consumption figure:

Water (flushing/spraying)                                               0,3/ 0,6 m³ /h
                                                                                        at 3 bar

Water (vacuumpump)                                                    0,8 m³/h at 1,5 bar

Pressure air:                                                                   2,5 Nm³/ h at 5 bar

CO2:                                                                               19 kg/h at 6 bar

Machine connected load:                                               14 kW

switch board connected load:                                        18 kW

length:                                                                             3.510 mm
width:                                                                              2.220 mm
height:                                                                             2.700 mm
weight:                                                                            5.100 kg



3.           Installation and Commissioning


For quoted items we offer Supervision and Commissioning by our
 installation staff.



Installation and commissioning of machine under responsibility and
by instruction of technical staff from sellers side.

Customer grant help by local technicians as required




FOR INSTALLATION AND COMMISSIONING    :                £          10.000


Base of Calculation for Installation and Commissioning


                 Mentioned price for Installation and Commissioning

                 incl. :

                 - costs for work

                 - costs for daily allowances

                 - costs for travel hours

                 Not included are:

                 - costs for hotel


Scope of Service


Installation included:

·mechanical erection of machine

·electrical installation, incl. erection of central switch cabinets,
feeding cables to the machine (only filler/crowner)

·installation of pipes for all kind of needed mediums (only filler/crowner)


Personnel training during installation, especially during the final

assembly, 14 days after start up at site


After Commissioning within an acceptance test contractual parameters will be proofed.


Not included are:

·       unloading, positioning respect. storage of machines and equipment at side

·       availability of cranes, lifting machines, fork lifts, etc. on site

·       preparing of site

·       projecting of building construction and building works


Responsibilities of Customer during Installation and


          Customer will inform the seller 4 weeks before start about readiness

          for installation. Installation begins after positioning of machines on site,
responsible for it is the customer.


          For unloading and positioning we need:

·       fork lifts

·       heavy weight transport handling gears

·       diverse light weight lifting and transport units


          Installation staff from sellers side should have possibility to use

·       sanitary rooms

·       lockable dressing rooms

·       lockable storage rooms for materials, tolls etc.

·       tools from the customer as vices, lifting units, welders, etc.

·       telephone/ fax


Installation staff from Sellers side need help by

·       mechanics 

·       electricians

·       welder for WIG- welding

·       unskilled workers


Machinery and equipment is quoted subject to final examination of sample material.
Dimensions, weights and volumes are non-binding as are designs which are constantly
subject to progressive development.

All rights reserved.Prices:

The quoted prices are to be understood ex works.
Not included are any taxes and fees payable in the country of the buyer.
All prices are quoted in £

N o t  included in the offer are costs for building masonry, foundation and other by-work as well as any supplies and services not specifically mentioned.Terms of Payment:

50 %      payment of contract ratification

40 %      payment after delivery

10 %      payment after commissioningTime of Delivery:

Approx. 4 weeks after receipt of firm order, down payment and clarification
of all technical an commercial details.
The a.m. delivery time is based on our current order book. If this situation changes
prior to the placement of your order, we reserve the right or revise the delivery time
accordingly.Terms of Delivery:

Ex work acc. to INCOTERMS (latest issue)Guarantee:

According to our business terms 12 months for 1-shift operation (8 hours
per day and not more than 1800 working hour) only in case of obvious and
confirmed material andmanufacturing faults. The fulfilment of our guarantee
commitment requires that erection, test run and commissioning have been
carried out by our qualified staff.Validity of Offer:


We reserve the right of technical modifications in the sense of  further
development. Please note also that  the  scope of delivery and the
information given in our leaflets need not comply necessarily in each case.
In case of technical modifications and possibly extended scope of delivery
we reserve the right to adjust prices accordingly.


Please note that we reserve the right for evaluation of the original goods and
the original packaging materials. In case of order we do need sufficient
products and packaging material for the test runs and the pre-acceptance
in our premises which have to be placed at our disposal
free of charge upon separate request 6 weeks before date of shipment.Right of Property

Any equipment supplied by remains our property until receipt of
full payment in Magdeburg, and orderer is bound to secure
and protect our property according to his national law.