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Reference machines are available throughout the UK and the world for all equipment supplied by us.

Inspection visits can be arranged to view machinery operating in a production environment.

The following are just a few of our recent projects :

Following the supply of a carbonated bottling line to Springhill Water, they commissioned us to supply an additional line for filling non carbonated water into 500ml PET bottles.

The line was supplied to handle sports caps and Standard pilferproof caps and was based around a CIME Filling Machines 

Andrew Blomfield of Springhill Water next to the new CIME Filling/Capping machine. The line was supplied to fill 5000 bottles per hour.

Deeside Water of Ballater have ordered a new Nortan capsule dispensing and shrinking machine.

The machine will be utilised to apply a shrinkable PVC capsule to their range of glass bottles utilised to package the premium Scottish Water.

Meantime Brewing of London have placed the order for a new monobloc champagne corking and wire hooding machine.

The machine is designed to apply natural mushroom corks and wire hoods at a rate of 2500 bottles / hour.

Minton Spring water have ordered a new wet glue labelling machine to handle their range of premium water bottles.

Following the purchase of their first Borgo labeller, Minton Spring Water have ordered a second rotary machine.

James White Drinks have ordered a new Borgo Rototichet labelling machine.

The machine will be built to apply body, back and neck labels to their range of premium juices. 

Camerons Brewery have ordered a new beer bottling line to handle their range of premium beers and to improve their in house contract bottling service.

The line is based around a CIME Tribloc Rinsing/Filling/Crowning machine which is equipped with double pre-evacuation & has an output of 2500 bottles per hour.

The line incorporates a Borgo self adhesive labelling machine to apply body. back and neck labels, along with full wraparound labels.

A new Cime Rinser/Filler has been installed at Wilds Brewery in Weobley.

The machine rinses and fills the 330ml glass bottles with the swingtops in place.

The Proud new owner!

Bottles passing through the rinsing section.

Please view  the Wild Brewery Website by clicking here!

We are pleased to have installed a new beer bottling line for Colonsay Brewery.

The line has been installed to fill their complete range of premium bottled beers.

Buzzards Valley Winery has ordered a complete wine bottling line.

The line will be installed to handle a full range of wine bottles.

Exe Valley Wines have ordered a 12 valve Bottle Rinsing Machine.

The machine is to be installed along with associated conveyorwork. 

Halfpenny Green Vineyard have ordered a new Champagne Corker/Wirehooder to handle their new range of Sparkling Wines.

Harvey and Son (Lewes) Ltd have ordered a new Beer Bottling line for returnable Glass Bottles.

The line is based around a Cime 16/16/3 Rinsing /Filling/ crowning machine and includes a fully stainless steel Akomag Bottle washing Machine.

All associated conveyorwork will also be supplied to complete the line.

Hop Demon Brewery have ordered a new Beer filler for filling 500ml Beer bottles.

National Forest Spring Water have ordered a new Bottling line to handle their range of water Bottles.

The line compriese a Cime 8 valve filler, Willis 2000 litre carbonator and associated machinery.

Rebellion Brewery have ordered a complete new conveyor installation for their beer bottling line.

Evan Evans Brewery have ordered a new bottling line based around a Cime 6/6/1 tribloc machine.

Springhill Water have ordered a new 8 head rotary hotmelt labelling machine

Welsh Whisky Company have purchased a CIME Filler / Corker / Capsulator for their range of premium Whiskys.

Information & pictures to follow............

Information & pics to follow...........

Halfpenny Green Vineyards have ordered a new stainless steel De-stalker and crusher. This order followed the supply of a new Champagne corking and Wirehooding machine earlier in the year. Owner and winemaker Clive Vickers said " This order was placed with Willis after the installation and commissioning of our new corker/wirehooder was totally trouble free".

Halfpenny Green Vineyards have ordered a new 32mm ROPP aluminium capping machine.

Photos to follow after installation.............

Freedom Brewery have ordered 5 off 3250 litre conical fermenters.

LATEST - November 2011

Since purchasing these original 5 fermenters, Freedom have since taken delivery of a further 26 tanks!

Orkney Water have ordered a new water bottling line to fill both carbonated

and non carbonated water. The complete project was handled with the minimum of fuss

and installed by Willis engineers on the island of Eday in the Orkney Islands.

Bottles being filled and capped.

The finished product!

You can visit Orkney Waters' website by clicking here -  Orkney Water Website

Freedom Lager Company have ordered a new bottling line to fill their range of Organic lagers.

The line is based around a 9/8/1 Cime triblock with double pre evacuation.

Self adhesive labels are applied to the front, back and neck of the bottles.

The new line after installation

Close up of the Cime 9/8/1 Rinsing/Filling/Crowning triblock.

Finished bottles leaving the Cime Triblock