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Semi Automatic bottling line for non carbonated water into glass bottles with ROPP aluminium cap.

We currently have a semi auto bottling line for non carbonated water based on the following equipment.

4 valve semi auto filler with single head capper for 28mm ROPP alu caps.

4 valve semi auto bottle rinser.

Automatic self adhesive labelling machine with coder.

Associated conveyors

Freestanding carbonator to carbonate already filled bottles.

Water filtration set.


Complete Bottling Line for non carbonated water etc

We have in stock a complete water bottling line for non carbonated water.

The line was supplied new by us in 2004 and has operated for only 500 hours approximately.

Rated output is 2000 Bottles/hour on 500ml Bottle.

It comprises :

UV filtration

Fimer 9/9/1 rinser/filler/capper.

Changeparts for 500ml PET bottle,750ml PET bottle, 1,5L PET bottle, 2,0L PET bottle

Cap changeparts for 28mm pre threaded pilferproof plastic cap & 28mm pre threaded sports cap.

SCM label applicator.

Suitable to apply body label onto PET bottles.

Complete with coding device.

Samsa NV750 Shrinkwrapping machine.

Interconnecting conveyors including load table and collection table.


Brand new Borgo single head capping machine suitable to apply 28mm pre threaded plastic pilferproof caps and 28mm sports caps onto PET bottles.

MEB linear wet glue labelling machine suitable to apply partial or full wraparound labels.


Graham Labelling Systems Self Adhesive Linear Labelling Machine.

Model 128-25     240v 1 Phase.

Suitable to apply body patch and partial wraparound self adhesive labels to cylindrical bottles.


Fully reconditioned pallet stretchwrapping machine.

CEM semi automatic 12 valve counter pressure filler for carbonated beverages.

1000 litre syrup mixing tank with agitator - brand new

Various capacities of stainless steel tanks.

Semi automatic capper for 28mm plastic caps.

Semi Automatic bottle rinsing machines


Complete returnable glass line for 3000 bottles/hour on 1 litre glass comprising :

Bodini decrater - 1998

Arol decapper - 2003

Bodini 24 wide washer - 1998

Mass 24/6 filler/capper - 1998

Mass premix 5000 litre/hour - 1998                           (SOLD)

Domino ink jet coder - 2000

Krones Rotina labeller - 1995

Bodini recrater - 1998

compressor - 2000

all associated conveyors - 1998

The line is in excellent condition and is available for viewing in situation immediately.



Costec 12 valve rinsing machine.

Cime 8 valve counter pressure filling machine.

WEL 2000 litre carbonating machine.

Borgo 1 head capping machine for 28mm plastic caps AND sports caps

Barratta 1 head capper to apply 28mmm aluminium to glass bottles

SCM rotary labeller to apply full wraparound labels or body/neck labels

Domino Inkjet printer.

Samsapack nv750 shrinkwrapping machine.

Rotary pallet stretchwrapping machine.

All associated stainless steel conveyors.

Domino Inkjet Coder

Changeparts are available for 500ml square PET, 2 litre square PET, 330ml round glass and 1 litre round glass.

The line was supplied new by us in 1998 and has operated for max 30 days per year. THE EQUIPMENT IS AS NEW

This line is in stock and available for immediate delivery.



FELCE 100 fully automatic washer/filler/capper for 19 litre polycarbonate water cooler bottles.

Output 100 bottles/hour

Complete with ozone generator unit.

Supplied new by us in 2004 and in as new condition 



6 head in line filler.

semi auto self adhesive labeller.

SOCO case taping machine

conveyors and packing table.



Enos self adhesive labelling machine with capsulator for thermal shrink plastic capsules.

Krones Rotina Labelling machine for patch or wraparound wet glue labels.


VIMERCATI 4000 Litre/Hour Carbonating Machine.

Supplied new by us in 2006.

In excellent condition complete with deaeration column.


Costec 16 Valve Bottle Rinsing Machine.


Bemeco Single Head Capping Machine.

New in 2006.

Suitable to apply 28mm pre threaded pilferproof plastic caps, and 28mm Sports caps.

Pick and place machine.

Output 2000 bottles/hour.

In stock ready for immediate delivery.


Arol Single Head Crowning Machine.

New in 2005

Excellent Condition.


2000 Litre / Hour Carbonating Machine.

New in 2004.

Excellent condition.


Various Stainless steel tanks - new and secondhand.


Brand new Packlab self adhesive labeller.

Suitable to apply patch or full wraparound labels.

Output to 2000 Bottles/Hour.

Complete with Hotfoil Coding Unit.


GAI 12/16/1 Rinser/Filler/Corker

Low vac/gravity filler for wine.

Excellent condition.


Secondhand Wine Bottling Line in 'AS NEW' condition.

We have a secondhand wine bottling line in new condition. The line was delivered to the end customer, but has never been used.

It comprises :

GAI 9/8/1 Rinser/Filler/Corker.

Complete with : Deaeration, gas injection.

Enos PIU self adhesive labelling machine.

Complete with :

Front label station.

Rear laber station

capsule applicator.

Date coder.

The line is complete with all ancillary items, such as pumps, conveyors, steam generator, case taping machine etc.

All equipment is in 'as new' condition.